Tom White : 9 Surf Studios

The synergy of typography, design and illustration

9 Surf Studios is a boutique multidisciplinary studio specializing in branding, design, and illustration. I create visual solutions for brands, companies, agencies, studios, and publishers in healthcare, business, science and technology, electronics, education, sports, food and beverage, games and entertainment, retail, and editorial.

My hybrid approach combining design and illustration allows me more diversity in the creative process. I draw on the disciplines of design, typography, 2D and 3D illustration, and photography to any degree appropriate for the message. I am classically trained, yet fully immersed in digital media and am one of the early pioneers of digitally-based image design.


"Design is a universal language, one that evolves over time, yet is built on a solid foundation of principles and genres before us. For me, design and concepts informed by history are the engines to a successful image, whether typographic or purely visual; no matter what the medium." - TW